Marriage and family

One of the most fulfilling parts of being a family immigration attorney is bringing families back together. If you are a citizen of the United States, you may want to petition for a partner or family member to come into this country and receive their green card, eventually laying the foundation for them to receive citizenship.

At Argumedo Garzon, we are passionate about uniting families in San Francisco, and are dedicated to personally helping you through the process of doing so. Our lawyers offer comprehensive representation through every step of the immigration and naturalization process and have counseled numerous clients on how to properly secure documentation for their family members.


Assisting Spouses, Children And Other Family Members

Whether you are trying to secure a K-1 fiancé visa for your partner or petition for your parent to come to this country, we have represented a variety of people in California in their struggle to unite them with the ones they love.

Our attorneys take family immigration personally, and understand what is at stake. Each has family members who have immigrated here, giving them both personal and professional insight into the immigration process.

We work personally with all of our clients to ensure each step of the process is completed quickly and accurately. When you consult with Argumedo Garzon, you work directly with our experienced and passionate attorneys. We stand by your side through the process now, and can offer services such as deportation defense when you need immigration representation in the future.

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